Monday, 18 March 2013

Fresh Ideas - Asymetrical alaia/simmons/fish? Maybe

So Kiri Surfcraft is getting a bit funky, a bit left of centre, a bit out there.

I have tried traditional, parabolic, hybrids and hollow alaias. They all have their place and work really well in certain waves, but this is where the frustration comes in, all I really want to surf day in day out is my alaia, but the surf down our way is normally big and heavy and not really suited to our regular alaias. The two biggest problems for me are hold on bigger hollow waves and nose diving on the hollow days. The former was overcome to some extent with the parabolic tails and mini keels, but they in turn exacerbated the nose diving.

So after some research and collaboration with a few other alaia shapers and surfers I've come up with an idea that might just work... I've called it the Flounder because it looks weird. There is a rough sketch below and photos to come once she is built and tested.

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