Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hollow Alaia ticks all the boxes

Just as a quick follow up to the last ride report. The leaking joint was miniscule it took almost three weeks to dry out with no obvious leakage points. As I was not sure where the joins had leaked I stripped the board back and resealed it completely. It does not look perfect, which is a shame, but as it is a prototype fuctionality & performance (not looks) were the highest priority.

I took it out for its first session this morning since re-sealing it and I was again blown away by the speed this board has. Even on a relatively quick left hand bank the board was making sections easily. After a few waves I started to pull out a few spins and slides in between sections. Cut backs are still relatively tricky compared to my parabolic alaias and hybrids, but this board definately paddles better and has better speed. The reduced flex doesn't seem to effect the board's hold in the pocket or on steeper walls, but when its fat and slow the parabolic and hybrids are a better fit.

Any queries on the board just shoot me a email.


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