Sunday, 9 July 2017

Meeting the legend himself!

Whilst on a quick trip down the coast with my beautiful wife, we stopped in at Noosa Longboards.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the one and only Tom Wegener. He is an absolute legend and amazing shaper. He is such a humble and genuine bloke.

Tom lent me one of his new "Corky" Alaias. This one was one of the early prototypes and had been rebuilt several times. The flex in this board was incredible! According to Tom this flex is what allows the board to really hold into the wave. I have built dozens of alaias and alia hybrids but surfing a truly finless board backside has been really challenging.

It just so happened that Granite's was pumping this day. There were probably 40 surfers out there and getting a wave was a bit of challenge.

I couldn't believe how easy these boards are to paddle!  After a long wait on the inside, I realised I'd have to take off right out at the heavier peak if I wanted to get a wave. Hesitantly I took off on my first wave and not surprisingly got worked. Determined to snag one of these near perfect waves, I paddled back out and took the next wave that came my way. I took off a little earlier, I set my line with my right hand dragging and I was blown away by the how well this board held in the pocket. The board flew down the line and I struggled to pull it back in as we raced out onto the shoulder.

Three waves later I was totally hooked. I'm totally sold on the cork alaia concept. I'm also super excited to get back into building some more boards. Massive thanks to Tom! What a genius!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

New Woody Needs a name...

Just completed (almost) this super fun and fast little hollow twinzer. She is made out of Paulownia and locally harvested Agave. Rolled spoon flowing into a single concave with chined rails. She is really quick down the line and flows beautifully through her turns. 

She really needs a name so shoot me your ideas.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Recycled Arc Tail Fish

So you may remember a lovely little single fin called "Merluza" that was made from solid Balsa and Red Cedar. She was a great looking board and a lot of fun when the waves were hollow, clean and packed a punch. On less than ideal days, Merluza was not the right board.

So I made a very hard decision to reclaim the balsa blank and remodel that single fin into something that would work in a wider variety of waves. This is the end product - the Salmon - inspired by some of Tomo's tail designs combined with a tri-planing Alaia hull this little (5'7") twin fin should be a lot of fun. My idea was that I wanted something that would "light up" on the bigger days when the alaia was out of the equation. I made a similar alaia hybrid back in 2011 that was just phenomenal in solid surf, but it lacked buoyancy and responsiveness in smaller surf. So this board was hollowed out (using a honeycomb structure) and enclosed in 6mm paulownia shell.

There is no doubt this board is heavier than I would like, if I make another I will definitely look to drop the weight substantially. That being said, surfing here in the Southwest Coast of Victoria we are blessed with an abundance of swell and are exposed to the raw Southern Ocean power and a bit of extra weight in the board will be hardly noticed.

I give you a ride report when I get an opportunity to really test her out.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Job's New Balsa Single Fin

It has months in the making, but finally Job's single fin is all but ready for her maiden voyage.

Job is starting out on his surfing journey and wanted to help build a board that would be easy to surf but also able to match is growing abilities. Over several late nights and many days of sanding and shaping out little lumps and bumps this sleek and simple single fin was born.

We settled on a single fin for a number of reasons. One is that the width and softer rails are forgiving. Single Fins are also a surf coach in and of themselves, they teach you to read the wave, to really see when and where there are opportunities for certain turns. Single fins help you to draw clean lines and stay with the power source of the wave.

The beauty of solid balsa boards is that they can be reshaped. We were able to keep a fairly full outline and profile, meaning that if in time Job outgrows this board, we can reshape and refine it to suit. 

Thanks again to Ochroma for a wonderful product.

Stay tuned for a ride a report.

Monday, 20 January 2014

2014 Pricing for Mini Simmons, Fish, Alaias and Hybrids

Hi All,

As there have been a few queries coming through on prices for boards. I thought I'd post a bit of a guide for anyone interested in a Kiri Surfboard in 2014.

Alaias are still the most affordable timber board going.
For a standard Alaia up 6"4' with a square, round or swallow tail we can build them for $329
For an Alaia Hybrid  - King George or Flounder models up 6"2' -  $389
And for the Kiri Surfcraft Alaia/Mini Simmons Hybrid 6"1' X 19' with fcs plugs prices start from $425

Mini Simmons and Fish vary a lot on the finish you are looking for and also the type of wood you would like your board built out of.

The solid recycled balsa boards finished with lanolin based sealer are the most affordable at around the $800 mark. If you prefer a chambered paulownia board the prices will go up about another $200. If you prefer to have your board glassed, we can send it to a glasser in Torquay who will charge another $350.

I hope that gives you a bit of an idea of the price for a timber board, but it will vary on board size, timber type etc...

Please feel free to email any questions through to

or call

0417 106 480


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Kiri Surfcraft - King George Promo Clip - Mini Simmons mixed with an Alaia

Kiri Surfcraft's original shape - the King George is a harmonious blend of the traditional alaia and a Mini Simmons. It retains all the speed, glide, flex and feeling of an alaia and combines that with more stability, makes it easier to ride and gives you a bit more hold in critical sections.

This is a beautiful board that you will enjoy in almost any conditions your local may throw at you.

Order yours today by emailing or give James a call on 0417 106 480. Prices start at $425 plus shipping.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Summer is coming - Get an Alaia - Alaia from $329 and Simmons / Alaia Hybrids from $425

Checking the forcasts and I've got a week of small surf and onshore winds coming my way. Summer seems to be on its way...

3 years ago I wouldn't have bothered going out knowing I'd just get frustrated trying to surf weak mushy onshore waves.

My prespective on surfing totally changed when I really got into riding alaias. All of a sudden a knee high peak started to look enticing. Even on the smallest and weakest swells, with an alaia I know I will score some great rides.

Here is Tim, riding a King George Alaia Hybrid with mini keels on tiny waves at Lorne Point. This model is much easier to ride than a regular alaia - this was only Tim's second wave on his new board.

For those of you who haven't got an alaia in the quiver you really are missing out. You might not surf it every day, or if you are like me it will be your go to board for just about everythng, but when the waves are small there is nothing better.

If you would like your own alaia or alaia hybrid our prices are:

Standard Alaia up 6"4' with a square, round or swallow tail is $329
For an Alaia Hybrid  - King George or Flounder models up 6"2' is $389
For an Alaia/Mini Simmons Hybrid 6"1' X 19' with fcs plugs prices start from $425
  - Please note prices on paulownia can vary greatly acording to demand and supply, as such our prices do change as well so please email to confirm a quote.

If you are looking for a fast fun eco friendly wooden fish call James on 0417 106 480 to discuss making a custom board.