Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Job's New Balsa Single Fin

It has months in the making, but finally Job's single fin is all but ready for her maiden voyage.

Job is starting out on his surfing journey and wanted to help build a board that would be easy to surf but also able to match is growing abilities. Over several late nights and many days of sanding and shaping out little lumps and bumps this sleek and simple single fin was born.

We settled on a single fin for a number of reasons. One is that the width and softer rails are forgiving. Single Fins are also a surf coach in and of themselves, they teach you to read the wave, to really see when and where there are opportunities for certain turns. Single fins help you to draw clean lines and stay with the power source of the wave.

The beauty of solid balsa boards is that they can be reshaped. We were able to keep a fairly full outline and profile, meaning that if in time Job outgrows this board, we can reshape and refine it to suit. 

Thanks again to Ochroma for a wonderful product.

Stay tuned for a ride a report.

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