Sunday, 10 November 2013

Summer is coming - Get an Alaia - Alaia from $329 and Simmons / Alaia Hybrids from $425

Checking the forcasts and I've got a week of small surf and onshore winds coming my way. Summer seems to be on its way...

3 years ago I wouldn't have bothered going out knowing I'd just get frustrated trying to surf weak mushy onshore waves.

My prespective on surfing totally changed when I really got into riding alaias. All of a sudden a knee high peak started to look enticing. Even on the smallest and weakest swells, with an alaia I know I will score some great rides.

Here is Tim, riding a King George Alaia Hybrid with mini keels on tiny waves at Lorne Point. This model is much easier to ride than a regular alaia - this was only Tim's second wave on his new board.

For those of you who haven't got an alaia in the quiver you really are missing out. You might not surf it every day, or if you are like me it will be your go to board for just about everythng, but when the waves are small there is nothing better.

If you would like your own alaia or alaia hybrid our prices are:

Standard Alaia up 6"4' with a square, round or swallow tail is $329
For an Alaia Hybrid  - King George or Flounder models up 6"2' is $389
For an Alaia/Mini Simmons Hybrid 6"1' X 19' with fcs plugs prices start from $425
  - Please note prices on paulownia can vary greatly acording to demand and supply, as such our prices do change as well so please email to confirm a quote.

If you are looking for a fast fun eco friendly wooden fish call James on 0417 106 480 to discuss making a custom board.

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