Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Hollow Alaia Prototype 1

After 2 months of planning, designing, shaping and finishing a new prototype hollow alaia is ready for her maiden surf.

It has been a long time coming with many little hurdles along the way. I have experimented with new building methods and new glue and there has been some good lessons learnt.

The board doesn't look perfect. One of those lessons was which glue works best for which application. Luckily as a prototype all I really want to know if it works the way I imagined.

It is fairly short and not as wide as my previous hollow wooden boards. Despite being hollow I have kept it quite thin and flexible. Combining a fairly standard alaia bottom contour only slightly enhanced and a rolled deck.

The weight is probably a third less than an equivalent alaia.

God has switched on the perfect conditions with a medium small swell and offshore winds forecast.

I'll keep you posted on the ride report!


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