Wednesday, 15 August 2012

New Model - Eddy Sled

Just a quick update on the newest model named The Eddy Sled - 1st prototype is 6'1 by 19' by 1'. It is a parabolic design with tiny red ceder keels and a square tail. It is sealed with linseed oil/gum turpentine and bees wax. The first prototype was built here in Australia and I took her over to Chile to test her out in some long peeling point breaks, unfortunately the surf I had over there was not ideal, but the board still worked really well. To cut a long story short I ended up surfing at Renaca, a heavy, punchy, beach break in central Chile. The Eddy Sled paddled slightly better than a regular alaia, due to the increased buoyancy from the added length width and improved directional control from the mini keels. The real high point however, is the fact that in overhead heavy and hollow waves, this alaia hybrid held in really well. It is still loose enough to pull out a few sliding 360's, but plenty of hold when you need it most. I really loved building and surfing this board and so does her new owner, a Chilean bloke named Edwardo. I'm about to finish off another board very similar to this but with a swallow tail for a slightly snappier feel. Enjoy the photos and any queries just drop me an email. Cheers James

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