Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Riding and Sliding - Alaia's coming soon

I just had an amazing lunch hour session on the alaia. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these weird looking ironing boards, the alaia is a flat wooden board rediscovered by Tom Wegener and based on the ancient Hawaiian boards. These boards are challenging to ride at first, but are well worth the wipe outs. Once you have them wired, I can honestly say they are the funnest boards for those small clean days. Super smooth and fast, you carve on your rail, pull 360’s at will (and sometimes even when you don’t mean it!) and generally surf waves that not even the Mals can. Check out this clip for some ideas (

They are pretty thin (normally under 1.5 inches thick), about 5-7ft long, and around 17-19 inches wide. They are commonly built with a rolled nose through to a tri-planning hull with a single or double concave through back third of the board. With a fairly straight outline and knife sharp rails they are total speed machines.

I made from Paulownia with red wood stringers. It has been snapped three times, glued back together and re-shaped twice, and it is a blast to ride!
They are simply oiled and are totally eco-friendly. Give me a bell if you are interested – I’ll be building some new alaias when I place the next timber order, prices will start at about $250.

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